Since 2008 Teeny Dogs has provided dog walks on the beach for small dogs in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a big city – especially for little dogs. But small dogs still have big needs: for exercise, stimulation, and socialization with doggies their own size.  Little dogs can be just as  physically and socially energetic as the large dogs, so they need to get out in the world.

The question is, between work and everything else you’ve got going on, how do you fit dog walking into your already packed schedule?  Give yourself and your best little friend a big break – with Teeny Dogs!

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    Meet Susie & Wendall

    • Certified professional dog walker
    • Graduate of Dog Walking Academy Advance
    • Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR by Pet Tech
    • Graduate of SF SPCA Internship Program
    • Volunteered at SF SPCA Mobile Vaccine Clinic and provided free basic dog training for SF SPCA community cares program.
    • Former Instructor @SF SPCA: Reactive Rover 1, Reactive Rover 2 and Advance Reactive Rover

    Susie  is an all around animal lover and loves to help wherever she can.  She loves dog’s of all sizes but felt that small dogs were “under rated” and being a small dog owner and dog geek.  She is continuously learning about dog behavior, and is a positive reward based trainer.

    Wendall is Susie’s sidekick and joins Teeny Dogs on their walks and has a knack for warmly welcoming new members into the pack.



    Dog Walking

    Beach walk and run with the small dogs

    Teeny Dogs doesn’t just take dogs for walks – we go on a beach excursion! At Fort Funston, San Francisco’s premiere off-leash puppy-dog paradise, they breathe fresh sea air, romp through ice plants , and traipse along sandy shores. They enjoy healthy exercise, stimulating social interaction, and a daily dose of nature that provides a nice break from urban life.

    $37 Per Walk


    In-home boarding, overnight, and vacation sitting

    We take great care of your small dog and your home while you’re away. Walks, fresh food and water, pets and cuddles: we provide it all. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your reliable dog walker is on the job. Offered exclusively to dog walking clientele.

    Connect With Your Pup

    Build a relationship with your dog through training. Teeny Dogs uses positive reward based training. It is scientifically proven to work using no force.


    “We love Susie and our boys love her too! In 2013, we adopted a special needs chihuahua (Diego!) Diego ran after our house guests and was difficult when walking. After boarding and training with Susie for 3 weeks (and ongoing) Diego is now calmer, eager to train and plays well with Susie’s pack. We as dog parents also learned a lot in how to manage Diego.”

    -Timmy P. and Isa D.


    I’ll never stop learning.  Each pup has their own individual personality.  They keep me inspired to be a better communicator by studying to understand their behaviors .  This is why  I love what I do.

             ~Susie G


    How to be member of the Teeny Dog pack

    Must Haves:

    • Attended and completed at least one training/behavior course
    • Recall Skills
    • Current ID tags showing county licensing
    • Current microchip information

    Your Teeny Dog must be:

    • Spayed or neutered
    • At least 6 months old
    • Weigh between the 8-20 lbs. range
    • Up-to-date with vaccinations (Bordetella, DHLPP and Rabies)
    • Up-to-date with flea and tick control (Frontline or K9 Advantix)
    • Up-to-date with heartworm control (Heartgard)

    Safety is our specialty

    Safety is especially important for diminutive dogs because their small size makes them more vulnerable to potential dangers. Teeny Dogs makes the health and welfare of each and every pack member our top priority:
    • Dogs ride in safe, comfortable, cushioned crates during transport
    • As the “recess monitor,” Teeny Dogs makes sure everyone stays together and out of trouble
    • There’s plenty of room to roam at Fort Funston, so we choose our own safe space to play away from other dogs
    • We work on individual and pack recall to ensure everyone always comes when called, every time
    • Being with same-sized dogs enables teeny dogs to develop deeper socialization skills than they could in packs with larger dogs who might bully them
    • I thoroughly screen all dogs for aggressive tendencies before integrating them into our packs
    • I keep careful watch over the pack so your dog can have fun – and you can relax knowing your pup is  in good hands